How it Works

How SkinPen Micro-needling works

As we age, we lose structure in the face, primarily from loss of collagen and elastin, and we see more wrinkling and sagging. Any scars we have (from acne or prior surgery) become more apparent. Smoking cigarettes accentuates this loss of structure, making fine lines around the mouth and lips more noticeable and smooth out the facial structure.

SkinPen micro-needling induces collagen and elastin, just like acupuncture needling does; but it does it in a consistent manner across the face and neck. Tiny stainless steel (acupuncture size) needles are used to stimulate the fibroblasts in the dermal layer of the skin to produce collagen. This “collagen induced therapy” is not a new idea; it is how acupuncture needling works on the face and other parts of the body. What is unique about the micro-needling is the¬†needles(s) stimulate fibroblasts in the connective tissue to make collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin, along with muscles, form the matrix of the face and provide structure. This induced collagen helps to fill in, support and give structure to the face that reverses signs of aging, sun damage, and scars. Young adult with acne scarring can see their scars decrease and their face structure more even toned and smoothed.

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