Skin Renewal System

Dr. Mingus SkinPen Renewal System

The SkinPen System is an excellent choice for the patient who desires a more advanced skin rejuvenation result with all the health benefits acupuncture provides.

Each treatment includes: SkinPen Micro-needling treatment, body balancing acupuncture and the Skinfuse treatment product kit.

SkinPen Micro-needling is safe for all skin types, with minimal downtime and minimal discomfort.

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Conditions that are treated

  • Scarring on the face and neck: from acne, prior surgery, prior biopsies for skin cancer, scarring resulting from trauma or accidents
  • Wrinkling: from aging, sun damage, smoking lines around the mouth and face, crows feet, brow furrows and from marks
  • Sagging: from aging, weight loss, pregnancy, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, dĂ©colletage crepe skin
  • Discolored skin: from photo sun aging, sun spots, lesions, rosacea, red and blotchy skin

Skinfuse treatment kit

Each Skin Renewal Treatment includes a Skinfuse treatment kit. This kit is specially formulated for SkinPen micro-needling. Skin is very sensitive immediately after the micro-needling treatment. Other skin products may damage the skin post-procedure and hinder the rejuvenation process. The SkinPen Renewal System includes Skinfuse products, which contain nutrients that are specifically designed to heal the skin post procedure and to optimize the results from micro-needling. Each treatment kit includes:

  • PURIFY Cleansing Complex
  • RESCUE Calming Complex
  • FORTIFY Vita C Serum
  • RECLAIM Hydrating Support
  • SHIELD Zinc Oxide 21% SPF 30

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