I have been a patient of Doctor Mingus’ for several months. I felt comfortable with her from my first visit, after applying some immediate relief to my pain. She asked detailed questions, she spent time with me and really listened to my responses. She got to know me. After examinations and blood work she created an excellent therapy for me combining both traditional and progressive medicines. My “aches and pains” have improved significantly and although I will still visit her for maintenance, my quality of life has vastly improved. I would recommend Dr. Mingus without hesitation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 MV, NY

Had the most amazing consultation and session with Dr. Melinda Mingus, M.D. who specializes in cosmetic acupuncture. While correcting some imbalances within my chi flow, she also found my face holding alot of “heat” which I was aware of. I walked out of her office feeling AMAZING! I plan on doing additional treatments and already notice an improvement after just 2 sessions. Thank you! Your work is fantastic!

Thank you for your professionalism, your kindness and your patience! I know I was a big baby, making faces at the needles because I didn’t like them, but you made the experience painless, you made me comfortable and relaxed. Best of all I always felt better, energized after our visits both physically and emotionally, thank you for that. Thank you, thank you thank you!

Thanks for your great help! I enjoy the great communication with you, I’ve always wanted that in a doctor!

Just a note to let you know that your magic hands have succeeded once again. My energy level has improved and I will be ready for my power walk in the am. Guess what!! I had lightly sauteed chicken breast for supper and I could taste it!!
Thanks again and again.

I lead a very athletic lifestyle at fifty-four years old. After three knee surgeries, even with intense physical therapy, I was not able to regain the flexibility in my knee that I expected. Running on a tennis court had become very difficult. My range of motion was limited until I started working with Dr. Mingus. She came recommended to me by my physical therapist. I hadn’t considered the option of acupuncture for the kind of issues I had been struggling with. I marveled at the considerable improvement in my left knee after one session! I couldn’t wait to start working on the right knee. After three sessions, I was ready to address stiffness that I had in my shoulder! I feel it is the combination of Dr. Mingus’ western and eastern background that give her unique abilities to treat injuries. I love her friendly personality. She has a great way of relaxing her patients and explaining the process of her work as she goes along. Her own athleticism is inspiring to be around. Now when a physical ailment crops up for me, acupuncture is the first approach I consider in addressing it.

My muscles felt sore, but now so much better. I did the exercises you told me to do today at the gym. I lifted weights and I did flies with 5 pound weights and for the first time in ages my shoulder did not hurt!! Thank you so much for the amazing treatment. I don’t know if you did anything special but my stomach seemed less bloated, too. You’re magic!!!

Dr. Mingus is unique in providing highly skilled Chinese Medicine combined with her expert knowledge of Western medicine. She is able to explain her approach in both sets of terms simultaneously, which helps me understand both her treatment and my condition. I always leave her office feeling better, and I recommend her highly.
Dr. JR, NY

With compassion and kindness, Dr. Mingus has used her skilled hands to attend to a myriad of health issues i have had, from digestive issues to headaches. She took the time to truly assess the problems and determine the best treatment. After a few sessions, the severity of my ailments began to mitigate. I was skeptical about accupuncture before I met Dr. Mingus, but no more!

Working with Dr. Melinda Mingus has helped me improve my relationship to my body. Combining Western medicine with Eastern healing arts, through Acupuncture and Qi Gong, she has helped me resolve a number of challenging health issues such as my heart palpitations, hip and back pain. From applying needles, heat/ pressure with (insert name of body rolling method here), herbs and simple Qi Gong exercises, I always felt I was in good hands and that her interventions were backed by sound Western medical research and advice.
GW, Brooklyn, NY

I don’t know what you did on my last session, but the results were fantastic! My face responded very well and I thank you so much for this!! Just wanted to let you know…With appreciation,

I feel great!! Just got back from a 3 mile walk . No headache!! My husband actually complimented me on my face this am. He definitely felt the lines from nose to mouth were less as were my crow’s feet. I feel my skin is glowing.
Thanks Melinda for your expertise and your gentleness.

Dr. Melinda Mingus is a joy to be around. She is welcoming, genuinely caring, very compassionate, warm and funny. From the first moment I met her she put me at ease. I looked forward to my treatments, and I left her office feeling more relaxed and happy. She sure does make you smile with her upbeat personality and her Zest for life.                                                                                                                                                     RH, CT

During the initial consultation, as well as each subsequent visit, Dr. Mingus took the time to listen to me and to my concerns. She partnered with me to develop a health care plan that would help me achieve the results I was hoping for. She was very honest with me in setting my expectations and the results were in line with those expectations. Dr. Mingus thoroughly explained what procedures she was doing and helped me to understand how my body works.                                                                                                                                                                   AM, CT

Dr. Mingus is a skilled and gifted acupuncturist. The treatment plan we developed was right on target. She cured a past shoulder and neck injury and also helped me with my anxiety and stress issues. Dr. Mingus has an intuitive talent of knowing right where to place the needle to get to the “root” of the pain. It was amazing that every time she “nailed” her target she got me relief and it didn’t even hurt! (Well, almost never!) All my concerns about acupuncture were dismissed with Dr. Mingus.                                                                                                                 SF, NY

In addition to the above qualities, what I loved best is that Dr. Mingus takes a holistic approach to treating her patients. She was as concerned about my mental and emotional states as well as my physical condition. She is a practitioner who truly believes in the mind-body connection.

As a result of being treated by Dr. Mingus, I have had remarkable improvement in my physical ailments. I was tormented with pain in my hips and spine for over 35 years. She removed practically all the pain in these areas and in the process lowered my shoulder blades and relaxed the muscles in my neck and shoulders. She succeeded in removing all pain from both my knees which I suffered from for years. She increased the circulation to the bottom of my feet and removed the feeling of cold that I had in my hands and feet. My energy and strength has increased. She opened the blocked channels of my nose so I can breath through them again and I am able to take deep breaths. After herbal injections, laser and acupuncture, my spinal stenosis pain is practically gone and I am able to walk without a cane, which I needed for years.

After struggling to quit smoking over the years, I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. MIngus via my cardiologist. He felt that a combination of smoking cessation techniques including acupuncture would be the most powerful. As a result, I am now smoke free. I have had less anxiety and do not have the irrational mood swings I experienced in the past when trying to quit. My energy level is high, I sleep well and have new tools to help myself relax when needed. I encourage anyone attempting to beat the habit to see Dr. Mingus. Her positive attitude and warm spirit are contagious and you leave her office feeling uplifted. Thank you Dr. Mingus!

I found Dr Mingus to be very skillful in her needling technique. She found ways to make the treatment less painful and yet really effective. My face cleared up and became incredibly smooth and radiant. Her treatments also stopped my abnormal bleeding from the birth control I was taking. Lastly, I want to say that just being around Dr Mingus is a delight because she has very good and loving energy. I learned a lot from her.

Jon and I are both feeling really good. The day has been very productive and pleasant. Thank you for the treatment, which still feels pretty miraculous to me.

Melinda Mingus, MD is a physician of great vitality. In addition to Anesthesiology, her skills include Acupuncture, Herbalist, Nutrition and Health Counseling. After suffering with a painful knee for many months, I learned that my neighbor, Dr. Mingus, had a practice nearby. It took only one session of treatment of my knee to become pain free. Since that incident over a year ago, I have returned for relief from chronic dyspnea, fatigue, and a persistent yeast infection. Following acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage and yes, a bit of psychotherapy, I leave uplifted in body and spirit. Thank you Dr. Mingus for enabling me, at age 87, to continue to be active and a contributing member of society through volunteer work.

I have been having significant pain in my lower back for almost a year now. I had tried physical therapy, ice, NSAIDs, and nothing seemed to work. I was very frustrated. Then a very good friend of mine suggested that I make an appointment to see Dr. Mingus for acupuncture. It was the best decision I ever made. Dr. Mingus is warm, caring, and funny. She makes you feel comfortable from the very 1st time you meet her. She really takes her time, and explains everything in great detail. After only a couple of sessions, I feel better already. It is the first time since my back pain started, that I am positive, and upbeat that my back is going to get better and better. Thanks, Dr. Mingus!

In the almost two weeks since I have seen you, I have had maybe one, maybe two minor, minor instances of lower back pain. Almost zero. What a contrast to what I was experiencing last spring, summer and fall, when my back was aching on a daily basis and walking and tennis would trigger or aggravate the pain. It seems almost amazing to me, given how long I have suffered with the persistent low-grade but annoying ache, to now go days if not a week without being bothered by it. Whatever we are doing, we should keep up because it is working! Thank you.